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Welcome to Angkor Certified Accountant  

ACA offer the accounting services and auditing services as a main product for the company around the whole countries of Cambodia with one branch in Sihanoukville and ten others in different provinces in the near future. In addition, ACA provides others services specializing in financial services and consulting services.

ACA represent a wide range of clients operating in different segments of the economy. Amongst them are the following:

•    International Organization (IOs) such as the World Food Program (WFP), FAUNA & FLORA International (Funded by UNDP and EU) and UNODC.
•    Government Ministries such as MOSALVY, MAFF (ITO).
•    Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) such as Diakonia, Oxfam, KFD, CSDA and CAAFW.
•    Private sector businesses including
o    Garment factories
o    Shipping companies
o    Telecommunication companies
o    Trading companies
o    Hotels
o    Supermarkets
o    Construction consultants
o    And many more

ACA intends to expand its customer base in the Cambodia area by aggressively promoting the additional value of marketing personnel services it now provides and by capitalizing on its new branches more extensively.  A complete retraining of the marketing staff forces coupled with significantly increased advertising expenditures will accomplish this objective.
Address    : 110,Russian Federation Blvd.,Sangkat Tuk Laak 1, Khan Toulkok, 12156 , Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia .

Tel            : (855 23) 883 174
HP            : (855 12) 807 780
Fax           : (855 23) 885 234
Website    :